Magic Doors

The Teaching Door - Every Fae needs to go to school. This little door leads to all the schools underground. It is protected against most Fairy enemies. Yellow are for the fae smaller children. They camouflage well in the woods, but is has been know and seen in various other colours.

Leddiq Door - A magic door that when the fae touch upon the last step they become invisible to the outside world.

Scrunching Door - Fairies scrunch up their tiny little faces when they try to open or close the scrunching door and often burst out in hideous laughter as they fall in fits from watching each other pull the most funniest faces. This a very very heavy door.

Wibble Door - This is where the Wibble People live! Wibbles are teeny tiny people that live among the Fae. They are very strange but cute and rarely seen. They usually are the ones that go hunting for the "Ambergris" mushrooms so that they can cultivate them and sell their perfume to the Fairies.

Magic fairy treasure!!